Hack in the Class


15th - 17th OCT
Morning class: 10:00 – 12:30
Afternoon class: 14:30 – 16:00


Training Rooms


Stichting Hack in the Class


HITC runs classes, labs and workshops for kids between 8 to 18 years old. Topic modules can range from cyber hygiene to programming and hacking labs. In cyber hygiene we cover the basics such as: what is a hacker? Are you aware of your online presence, such as social media? What is a good password? We teach students how they can protect themselves online. Our session is always finished by hacking away (with our permission!) in our very own kids-friendly hacking environment.

Key Activities / Agenda

Our workshop consists of two parts:

In Part 1 we explain about the risks and possibilities of technology and the way a hacker would look at it. We explain the difference between white hat and black hat hackers and how a hacker could use technology for his cause.

In Part 2 the students start working for themselves. They are provided with an online environment where they can master their shills as a hacker. We will be providing tips and tricks along the way. Our main goals is not to scare but to explain that technology is fun if used for the right cause.

About The Organizer

Hack in the Class is an  organization run by volunteers. We provide training about the online risks, hacking and programming to children
in the age between 9 and 15.

Notes / Things to Bring

Large crowd of students? If you plan to walk-in with a large crowd of students, please inform us via info@hackintheclass or our Twitter.

There are loads of other Activities and contests for you to check out!

See You At HITB+ CyberWeek!

October 12th – 17th @ emirates palace, abu dhabi