AEZAKMI: Browser Anonymity & Fingerprinting Bypass

November 18th @ 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT +4) // HITB Track 1
A browser fingerprint is a set of parameters related to the features of your PC. The browser sends these parameters to websites when you visit them.
Browser fingerprinting is a powerful method that websites use to collect information about your browser, version as well as information about your operating system, active plugins, time zone, language, screen resolution and more. That fingerprint can be used to fully or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off. In short, browser fingerprints are a kind of passport of your machine.
We developed a tool called AEZAKMI that uses a multi account model to help you stay anonymous online. It helps obfuscate the common browser parameters we mentioned above and also as WebRTC and WebGL as well. We hope that our solution will be helpful for any Internet user who wants to stay anonymous.


Timur Nasirov

Creator, AEZAKMI Browser

Timur Nasirov is a creator of AEZAKMI Browser. A browser for multi accounting and anonymity on the Internet. Active for over 8 years in information security projects, anonymity and research. Timur holds a masters degree in applied physics. He is also a certified data engineer. During the last 2 years Timur actively worked on Internet security and participated as a consultant in the creation of a new generation of an anti-fraud system. His main interests are anonymity, web security and, for last time, AI.

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