Anatomy of Automated Account Takeovers

November 18th @ 15:00 - 16:00 (GMT +4) // HITB Track 1

Living in an era of data privacy dystopia, having an online presence comes with the direct opportunity cost of “being pwned”. Considering ‘Account takeover placed among the top three types of fraud reported from a whole 96% fraud attack….’, it is crucial to impartially dissect the ‘Anatomy of Automated Account Takeovers’.

We will present the end-to-end process of automated account takeovers; the fostering climate, attack methodologies and technical innovation in the sophistication of the attacks involving bad bots, as well as the strategies of capitalizing on the ATOs, hence establishing cybercrime as an ROI-driven business industry with various stakeholders. Looking at the latest popular cases, we will conclude with UX-centric security measures, breaking the common misperceptions of existing practices.


Tal Eliyahu

Principal Consultant, N/A

An accomplished operational security specialist with a proven track record for providing reliable hands-on technical expertise in application and infrastructure vulnerability assessment and policy development. I’m motivated by my passion for solving problems, developing new solutions, innovation and experimentation.

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