Cyber Battle of The Emirates

November 18th 12:00 - 18:00

Capture the Flag Competition for high school, college, and university students

Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2020 Virtual Edition brings a unique cyber battle experience to participants wherever they might be physically located. This capture-the-flag event lets students test their skills in a broad range of challenges from exploitation, network analysis, web attacks, binary analysis, reverse engineering and more! Successful are those who combine technical skills with effective teamwork and strategic use of time and resources.

The battle is about to begin… Are you ready?

Key Dates

25th October

Registration and pre-assessment environment opens

9th November

Registration and pre-assessment environment closes

18th November

12:00 GST

18th November

18:00 GST

Start of CTF Competition + Live Stream Commentary Broadcast

CTF Ends + Winner Announcement

19th November

14:00 GST

Wrap Up Live Stream @ CybExer Virtual Booth in Brella


  • Max 5 players per team
  • Each team must comprise of only tudents studying full time
  • Teams who have ranking on will be given registration priority

How to Play?

This is a jeopardy-style CTF with live targets.

You acquire points through completing variable difficulty tasks.

Your team is limited by locked tasks and limited window of time, because some tasks become unavailable after a certain time and some tasks become available only after completing previous ones.

Strategy, team leadership and tactical use of hints (which incur small penalty points) may help you accumulate more points than other technically more advanced teams.

Confirmed Teams

  1. Accidental Brute Force 🇧🇪
  2. Alt-Backdoor 🇦🇪
  3. BloodHounds 🇵🇭
  4. Carmel Secondary School Team 🇭🇰
  6. Dedsec 🇦🇪
  7. PPG.Pro 🇦🇪
  8. DuckDuckNo 🇪🇪
  9. EhBoys 🇧🇪
  10. Heroes Cyber Security 🇮🇩
  11. HKUST Team 🇭🇰
  12. Lets go for a Byte? 🇪🇪
  13. saarsec 🇩🇪
  14. team 0 🇪🇪
  15. ZenHack 🇮🇹

Organizers & Sponsors