Jeopardy CTF by


24 & 25 November


10:00 - 18:00


ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

+Like to hack stuff? Join a story-based CTF competition, where you'll solve various challenges and win valuable prizes!

This is a single-player jeopardy style capture the flag for  in-person visitors to HITB+ CyberWeek

This story based CTF competition will see you solving various challenges to reveal secrets behind the missing princess of Zekola Smart City! Register for the free exhibition pass and bome by our booth to play!


You must be present and playing on-site / in-person in order to win





+PRIZE SPONSOR is specialized in creating and managing cybersecurity Capture the Flag events and training. 

Based in Dubai, our team is highly experienced in creating and managing online and on-site Capture the Flag events. In addition, our team provides hands-on CTF training and workshops. Our mission is to deliver Capture the Flag events that are rich with powerful content and fresh cybersecurity topics to sharpen the skills of the audience.

Hackers Academy is the brainchild of three ethical hackers, a network, a web application and a DFIR specialist. Since its inception in 2013 Hackers Academy delivered training to thousands of students across the world.



Founder & CEO

Attalla organizes CTF competitions and training. He aims to develop the cybersecurity skills of the new generation and link the cybersecurity community together.


Co-founder & Head of Engineering

Youssef develops CTF challenges and infrastructure, as well as organize community workshops. His goal is to continue expanding his knowledge whole providing the cybersecurity community with amazing experiences.


Head of Strategy

Saif is a security geek who’s passionate about spreading cyber awareness. He leads the strategic initiatives of, including partnerships.


Graphics Artist

Zuhair is a big lover of art, with the ability of turning ideas into reality. He is the artistic mind of


Digital Media Director

Liza is one of the most passionate youth for marketing, advertising, and social media fields. She leads the media and digital content of


Digital Media Analyst

Fadwa is a digital media analyst with high creativity. She takes the role of finding new ideas that attract the cybersecurity community in the UAE and Middle East.