24 & 25 November


10:00 - 18:00

In-Person & Virtual Format


ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

+See top CTF teams from all over the globe battle it out for glory and a shot at USD100,000 in cash!

This is a team-based hybrid offline+online Attack & Defence Capture the Flag for pre-invited / pre-qualified PRO teams and EDU teams

We have invited the 12 top-ranked teams according to the results of playing A&D CTFs in recent years who will be joined by the top 3 winning teams from the recently concluded HITB EDU CTF pre-qualification round in Singapore.


USD 50,000

USD 30,000

USD 20,000


USD 5,000

USD 3,000

USD 2,000


USD 3,000

USD 2,000

USD 1,000



  1. Bushwhackers (Russia)
  2. More Smoked Leet Chicken (Russia)
  3. mhackeroni (Italy)
  4. perfect blue (USA)
  5. DiceGang (USA)
  6. saarsec (Germany)
  7. ZenHack (Italy)
  8. Plaid Parliament of Pwning (USA)
  9. C4T BuT S4D (Russia)
  10. HgbSec (Austria)
  11. ENOFLAG (Germany)
  12. organizers (Switzerland)



  1. pwnthem0le (Italy)
  2. RedRocket (Germany)
  3. efiens (Vietnam)




  1. Tea Deliverers (China)
  2. WE_0WN_Y0U (Austria)
  3. ALLES! (Germany)
  4. FAUST (Germany)
  5. Bulba Hackers (Belarus)
  6. Shellphish (USA)
  7. bi0s (India)


  1. Jane Street Pls Hire (Singapore) 
  2. uetctf (Vietnam)
  3. Nupakachi (Vietnam)
  4. zepto (Vietnam)
  5. greyhats (Singapore)
  6. xSTF (Portugal)
  7. STT (Portugal)


HackerDom appeared in 2005 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Ural State University. Our main interests is studying of information security, participating in Capture the Flag competitions and organizing our own competitions. Besides RuCTF, we’re making international online Attack/Defence challenge RuCTFE and task-based CTF for newbies QCTF.



Hackerdom Team

Konstantin was a member of HackerDom team from the very beginning. He took part as a team player in a lot of CTFs including DEF CON CTF and Nuit du Hack CTF. He also participated as a service developer or techlead in nearly all of RuCTFs and RuCTFEs.

Konstantin together with Dmitriy Titarenko has created a popular B2B service for contractors inspection and works as a senior software developer at SKB Kontur.

He also had taught computer science at the Ural State University.

Dmitriy Titarenko

Hackerdom Team

Dmitriy works as senior software engineer and has more than ten years of .NET development experience, building scalable services with high availability. Last five years he has been involved in secure development and researching at SKB Kontur.

As a part of HackerDom team Dmitriy took part in RuCTF and RuCTFE as a service developer since 2014.

Aleksander Bersenev

Hackerdom Team

One of the oldest members of HackerDom team. He has Master’s degree in Mechanics and Mathematics and works as a cluster administrator and  teaching assistant in the Ural Federal University. He enjoys both playing CTFs and also finding vulnerabilities in real services. Thus he belongs to top 5% hackers on HackerOne – a popular bug bounty platform. Ha also has found an important vulnerability in Siemens Hardware.

Aleksander took part in tons of CTFs as a player and was involved in developing of all the RuCTF and RuCTFE since 2009. He often combines roles of service developer and network administrator.

Andrey Gein

Hackerdom Team

Andrey works as a senior software engineer at Yandex company. He is a very enthusiastic member of HackerDom team and spends a lot of time teaching and training new hackers. He has created an online course on information security that has about 5000 views on youtube.com. He also gives onsite classes to students and organizes a special CTF for newbies who want to practice their hacking skills.

He has developed a lot of CTFs, including RuCTF, RuCTFE, PHDays CTF and QCTF.

Arthur Khanov

Hackerdom Team

Arthur has a lot of academic interests. During his postgraduate studies in Saint-Petersburg State University he created a fast disassembler for ARM codes, a neural network on chip, a virtual machine for operating with attribute trees and an operating system for testing algorithm.

He took part in a number of CTFs as a member of HackerDom team both as a player and as a service developer.

Andrey Khozov

Hackerdom Team

Andrey is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at RYDLAB IT company since 2012. He has Master’s degree in Mathematics in Computer Science at Ural State University. He also had been teaching programming at the same university for five years. He had been developing services and checksystem for RuCTF and RuCTFE for ten years, moreover, he was one of techleads of the developers team.

Dmitrii Simonov

Hackerdom Team

Dmitrii works as a software developer at Yandex company and at Regional Education and Science Center “Intellectual systems and Information security” of Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, so he has massive experience in both programming and information security.

He also teaches operation systems at the Ural State University.

He has a lot of experience not only in developing services for our CTFs, but also in network administration, assembling and administration of vulnerable images.

Artem Zinenko

Hackerdom Team

Artem works as a senior research developer at Kaspersky Lab, in an Industrial Systems Emergency Response team. He has reported a lot of vulnerabilities to well-known instruments including but not limited to: TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Mosquitto. He also contributes to some open-source projects, for example: chronograf, kapacitor, ansible.

Artem has a huge enterprise experience – he worked as a team lead in two high-performance projects: a search engine system and EDS issuing center.