15th - 17th OCT
9:00 - 17:00


Exhibition Area


Car Hacking Village
Div0 - Car Security Quarter


Get on the CANBUS! If you’ve always wondered how to get started hacking your car, this is the village for you.

Key Activities / Agenda

Folks from Defcon’s Car Hacking Village will be on-hand with REAL car dashboards for you to play with and everything you need to know to get started with automotive security research and hackery. The tools you’ll need, the software to install and all the tips and tricks to start riding the CANBUS!

About The Organizers

Car Hacking Villlage – A group of professional and hobbyist car hackers who work together to provide hands-on, interactive car hacking learning, talks, hardware, and interactive contests.

Div0 Car Security Quarter – A space for car hacking enthusiasts to learn more about car hardware & technologies, and to raise awareness & adoption of automotive cybersecurity.

There are loads of other villages and contests for you to check out!

See You At HITB+ CyberWeek!

October 12th – 17th @ emirates palace, abu dhabi