Chip-off Village


15th - 17th OCT
9:00 - 17:00


Exhibition Area




Come by the VXRL chip-off village and learn how to remove embedded eMMC chips for your own analysis. VXRL members will also teach you how to attack IoT/mobile devices to obtain privileges and gain access controls. In addition, some inexpensive JTAG/ISP and chip-off equipment will be made available for your testing and eMMC chips with circuit board kits will be made available for practice.

Key Activities / Agenda

During the chip-off village, visitors shall have an opportunity to remove the embedded emmc chip from the devices and re-solder on the small circuit board.  And our experts will demonstrate how to attack the IoT/mobile devices  to obtain privilege and gain access control as well as the data stored.  We will also introduce some inexpensive JTAG/ISP and chip-off equipments (even made in China) on-site and for your testing.


  • Use the soldering iron and the dispenser to clean the chip
  • Turn Off the machine
  • Put the chip into the USB eMMC reader in correct direction
  • Retrieve the date from the chip for analysis
  • After cleaning the chips and put it in the eMMC reader, you will see the volume “DEFCONCHIPS” and you can start the analysis
  • Use the common tools: Hex Editor, Python and APKTool to analyze the image file.
  • Answer the questions and get the welcome gift

About The Organizer

VXRL (Valkyrie-X Security Research Group)( is an offensive security corporation, which organises VXCON for 9 years. VXRL provides security assessment, red team testing, training and malware analysis to corporate customers and non-profit making organizations since 2010. VXRL has helped corporations including Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Exchange, ING Insurance (Asia), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, NTT Security (Hong Kong), Manulife Insurance (Asia), Macau SJM Casino and Macau CEM Electricity Corporation.

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